Do you care passionately about Carleton’s future? Are you willing to invest your time in developing a renewed vision for Carleton? If so, then consider applying to join the Carleton University Strategic Planning Task Force by emailing:

Higher education continues to change – in fact the pace of change is accelerating – and we must ask ourselves: What must we do now in order to be the best Carleton University that we can be in the next five to 10 years? Carleton has reached the end of its current Strategic Integrated Plan (2013-2018) “Collaboration, Leadership and Resilience: Sustainable Communities – Global Prosperity.” As such, the time has come to engage our community in a broad consultative process towards designing our next Strategic Integrated Plan (SIP). This process will also inform the negotiations toward our next Strategic Mandate Agreement (SMA3) with the Province of Ontario.

Mandate and Duties

To develop this plan, a task force of 12 to 15 people – the Carleton University Strategic Planning Task Force (CUSP Task Force) – will be constituted. Under the guidance of the Co-Chairs, the CUSP Task Force will:

  • Make recommendations regarding the strategic planning process,
  • Participate in internal and external consultations which will inform the plan,
  • Provide feedback on consultation sessions to help guide the process,
  • Provide input into the development of the strategic plan, and
  • Provide feedback on the draft strategic plan.


Members of the CUSP Task Force will be broadly representative of the Carleton community. As such, representation will include members of faculty, staff and student bodies, with the aim of having a variety of viewpoints and constituencies present. The co-chairs of the Task Force are Lorraine Dyke, Deputy Provost (Academic Operations and Planning); Betina Appel Kuzmarov, Clerk of Senate; Patrice Smith, Dean, Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs; and Cindy Taylor, Assistant Vice-President, Human Resources.

Member Selection

Candidates may be nominated or self-nominate for membership. All candidates are asked to complete a one-paragraph statement outlining their interest in joining the CUSP Task Force. Please submit your nominations by email to Nominations are due August 27, 2019. A reminder will be sent to the community in early August.

Nominations will be reviewed by the co-chairs who will assemble a representative group. An expression of interest is not a guarantee of membership on the Task Force; however, individuals who are not appointed to the CUSP Task Force will have other opportunities to participate in the strategic planning process.


The first meeting will take place September 13, 2019. Meetings will conclude by June 2020. In addition to meetings of the CUSP Task Force, members are expected to participate in community consultations and other information sessions as necessary.