Collect and analyze internal published information

  • Collect internal published information (e.g. project files, survey results, internal procedures) that could contain information about the performance of the organization’s process and/or policy
  • Summarize and analyze information

Collect and analyze internal original research data

  • Generate internal original research data (e.g., studies, analyses, focus groups) that has not been previously collected within the organization
  • Collect unpublished internal research already done by the organization prior to benchmarking, but not widely circulated internally
  • Divide the internal data collection tasks among the benchmarking team members as appropriate
  • Summarize and analyze the internal data collected
  • Assess how the process and/or policy is currently performing
  • Identify the reasons for the current performance level of the process and/or policy
  • Identify areas to study to determine differences between the organization’s performance and those of organizations with best practices