Collect and analyze external published information

  • Collect external published information (e.g., business publications, trade magazines, association newsletters) related to the process and/or policy being benchmarking
  • Summarize and analyze external published information collected
  • Identify opportunities to improve the process and/or policy being benchmarked
  • Select and contact potential Benchmarking Partners

Collect and analyze external original research data

  • Obtain information from experts in the field (e.g., consultants, professional associations, universities, research organizations, authors)
  • Exchange information with one or more Benchmarking Partners (e.g., surveys, telephone interviews, site visits)
  • Compare external data collected to the internal data collected
  • Identify opportunities for improvement by determining where the performance of the Benchmarking Partner’s process and/or policy is superior
  • Evaluate each opportunity for improvement to determine if it would have a positive impact on either the organization or the customers
  • List the root cause for each opportunity for improvement that has been identified
  • Review the list of root causes to identify potential changes required to improve performance