Exam Procedures

Students should be aware of Carleton’s procedures dealing with examinations. These procedures may be found below.

Examination Procedures:

  1. Students must leave any unauthorized items in a place specified by Examination staff.
  2. Students who become aware that they have unauthorized materials in their possession during an examination should inform Examination staff immediately.
  3. Students may not bring any food or drink into the Examination Room, except water in a sealed, transparent, non-breakable, unlabelled container.
  4. Students may not enter the Examination Room after the first half-hour of the examination.
  5. Students may not leave the Examination Room during the first half-hour of the examination, except under circumstances of duress, and must sign the Examination Signing Sheet before leaving.
  6. Students must provide official identification in the form of their Carleton University Campus Card or government-issued identification with photo.
  7. Students must provide their own printed name, student number, and signature on the Examination Signing Sheet, and may not leave the Examination Room until this has been done.
  8. The only time students may leave the Examination Room with the intention of returning is to use the washroom. They must bring their examination materials and ID Card to the designated sign out staff person, and both sign out and sign back in, on the sheet provided.
  9. Students are expected to complete a final examination once begun. If, while the exam is in progress, a student experiences a significant deterioration of health causing acute symptoms that prohibit her/him from completing the exam and require immediate and/or emergency medical attention, or is informed of a domestic emergency and is unable to complete the examination, she/he must hand in her/his answer books at once to an invigilator and inform the invigilator that she/he is unable to continue.  She/he will then receive additional instruction.
  10. Students who have doubts about the meaning or completeness of a question should make an assumption about what is needed to answer the question and state this assumption at the beginning of their answer.
  11. Students must ensure that all answer books and/or answer sheets have their name and student number on them. Upon completion of the exam, they should give the invigilator all used and unused answer books and/or answer sheets, and the question paper if required, and verify that their name has been checked on the signing sheet before leaving.