Sartaj Javed, MASE

Sartaj Javed, MA-SE

I was raised in Toronto, Ontario and completed my undergraduate degree of a BA in political Science at Western University. I came to Carleton University to study in the Master of Arts in Sustainable Energy. I was deciding between the SPPA and other prominent public policy graduate programs and felt that the Sustainable Energy program hones analytical and critical analysis skills which are crucial to building future public policy professionals. As the world economy transitions, policy professionals are at the forefront of creating an innovative net-zero economy in a data-driven and economically equitable manner. 

That being said, I believe in financial inclusion and collective responsibility as an overarching policy objective. Giving people the opportunity to participate economically in the clean energy revolution and a sense of responsibility as a stakeholder in a decarbonized economy is a critical aspect of building broad support for a net-zero future. These passions have led me to my current job at Algonquin Power where I work as an Energy Market Analyst. My work with Algonquin Power currently entails me supporting the Acquisitions and Greenfield Development teams buy and develop wind and solar farms. I will be joining Infrastructure Canada after I graduate. 

During my time at Carleton, Professor Glen Toner’s (retd.) Sustainable Energy Policy seminar was my favourite class in the program. His outgoing and sincere nature in addition to being emotionally invested in his work and the success of his students made the course an unparalleled experience. He had a flair for fostering the academic curiosity of his students through his support of our research papers. While drafting research papers can be draining, his close support and deep professional experience made writing my research papers on green bonds and climate finance an enjoyable and valuable experience. 

With that, it surprised me how professional subject matter experts were incorporated into nearly every course. The Sustainable Energy program makes a strong effort to invite individuals with a background in clean energy into its course pedagogy. From courses taught by senior public servants, group projects with industry stakeholders, and public presentations from professionals in policy and the industry, the academic step beyond the classroom is what makes the program truly unique. 

Lastly, I would advise new students to network! There is a deep pool of Carleton alumni not just in the federal government but also in prominent private companies that are more than happy to share their insight and offer their help, which is how I landed my internship positions.