So much happened in 2022. New leaders have emerged, first-of-their-kind organizations have launched, and much more.

It can be hard to keep up and understand what it all means — but that’s what Future of Good is here for. 2022 was a big year for changemakers — from intense debate on the disbursement quota to major funding announcements to help charities and non-profits — finally — recover from the pandemic, and much in between.

Future of Good reporters have been busy keeping up with all the developments and headline news, not to mention the under-the-radar trends that have emerged.

In case you’ve been busy, too (and we’d bet you have), we’ve rounded up a list of the top 30 — in no particular order —newsmakers who’ve made Future of Good headlines this year.

Paloma Raggo, assistant professor at Carleton University, wants to solve the problem of very little data on the charitable sector

Paloma RaggoOne thing we hear consistently from people who work in the social sector is that it’s too difficult to find real-time data on who works in the charitable sector, what their salaries are, where there are skills gaps, and so much more. “Oftentimes, when that information is collected,” Paloma Raggo told us, “it takes an average of about a year and a half to be published. By the time we get that information, it’s already almost obsolete.” Raggo wants to change that through the CharityInsights Canada Project.

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Liban Abokor, board member of the Foundation for Black Communities, called for much more money for Black-led, Black-serving organizations

Liban Abokor Speaking of those who’ve been quoted across more than one Future of Good story, Liban Abokor has done much noteworthy work through his co-founded Foundation for Black Communities. For one, the Foundation was chosen to provide direct funding to Black-led, Black-serving organizations from the Investment Readiness Program. It’s also in the running to receive a $200 million endowment, also meant for Black-led, Black-serving charities. And Abokor shared his thoughts with us on our reporter Gabe Oatley’s investigation into how much money corporate foundations have donated to Black communities since George Floyd’s murder.

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Megan Conway, president and CEO of Volunteer Canada, called for a National Voluntary Action Strategy

Megan Conway, Adjunct ProfessorIf the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that Canada is a country of volunteers. Twenty-four million people volunteer every year; they coach teams, mentor youth, cook meals for sick relatives, donate their time to front-line organizations and loads more. However, unlike other G20 countries, Canada lacks a national voluntary action strategy. This is an area worth following, as volunteers are the backbone of social change. We intend to continue to pay attention to this call to action in 2023.

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