Photo of Stoyan Tanev

Stoyan Tanev

Associate Professor, Technology Innovation Management Program, Sprott School of Business


Dr. Stoyan Tanev is an Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship, at the Sprott School of Business and Director of the Technology Innovation Management (TIM) master’s program, which operates across the Faculty of Engineering and Design and the Sprott School of Business. Dr. Tanev is a scholar in the field of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management where he is exploring the changing landscape of how entrepreneurs identify new opportunities, shape new businesses, adopt digital technologies to create value to their customers and compete in the international marketplace.

Dr. Tanev has contributed to several research domains and published extensively in various fields of study including technology management, entrepreneurship, and innovation; nonlinear fiber optics; photonics design and modeling; and science and theology. Dr. Tanev earned his master’s degree in physics from Sofia University, Bulgaria, and subsequently a PhD in physics from the University Pierre and Marie Curie, in Paris, France. After a post-doctoral study in the University of Quebec at Hull, he worked as a research scientist for Ottawa-based start-up companies in the optical communications industry.

Dr. Tanev returned to academia to earn his Master of Engineering in Technology Innovation Management (TIM) from Carleton—the program that he now teaches for. In 2009, he accepted a position as Associate Professor at the University of Southern Denmark in the Department of Technology and Innovation and was there for eight years, while concurrently maintaining an adjunct position at Carleton—first, in the department of Systems and Computer Engineering and later in the Sprott School of Business. In 2017, Dr. Tanev returned to Canada to work fully at Sprott to further his research in his field of interest. He also holds an adjunct position in his former Danish university. From 2019 to 2022 Dr. Tanev has served as Editor in Chief of the Technology Innovation Management Review.

His current focus is on establishing the new Centre for Cross-Border, Digital & Inclusive Entrepreneurship and strengthening the link of the TIM program to the local, national and international business communities.