Course Title  Instructor
TIMG 5001 T Principles of Technology Innovation Management Steven Muegge
TIMG 5002 T Technology Entrepreneurship Eduardo Bailetti
TIMG 5003 A Issues in Technology Innovation Management Mika Westerlund
TIMG 5006 W Management of Software Engineering Projects Michael Weiss
TIMG 5103 W Project Based Learning Tony Bailetti
TIMG 5104 F Directed Studies Tony Bailetti
TIMG 5201 A Management of Software Engineering Projects Tony Bailetti
TIMG 5303 W Machine Learning for Technology  Stoyan Tanev
TIMG 5901 T M.Eng Project *Project Supervisor
TIMG 5905 W M.Ent Project *Project Supervisor
TIMG 5907 W M.A.B.A. Project *Project Supervisor
TIMG 5909 T M.A.Sc. Thesis *Thesis Supervisor