Virtual Ventures employees are changing the future of Canada by helping youth build their scientific thinking and digital literacy skills to help youth move from simply consuming technology to being innovative producers of technology. We are looking for individuals who are innovative, team players, and passionate about STEM.

Job Overview

As a STEM Camp Instructor for Virtual Ventures, you will be responsible for delivering workshops in local schools, as well as developing and delivering STEM content through summer camps.  

Programs are hosted on the Carleton University campus or transportation will be provided.  

All staff will receive thorough training in areas such as first aid, behavioral conditions, equity, classroom management, content development, etc. 

You will be supported by the full-time management team and work closely with other university students as well as high school students and volunteers. 

Work Term: May 6 – August 23, 2024 

Hourly wage: $18/hour 

Important Dates for Hiring 

Virtual Ventures will be conducting hiring in 2 cohorts. Using this format applicants have 2 opportunities to be invited to our group interview days and individual interview times. If you apply before the cohort 1 dates, you may be invited to join the interview process on either group interview days. We encourage all applicants to apply for cohort 1 as we cannot guarantee that all positions will be available for hiring in cohort 2 and there will be limited space in the group interview for cohort 2 applicants. 

Attending a group interview and a one-on-one interview is a mandatory part of our hiring process. 

Wednesday January 24, 2024 11:45pm  Cohort 1 Application Deadline 
Friday February 2, 2024  Cohort 1 Group Interview Invitations Sent 
Saturday February 10, 2024 2:00-3:30pm  Group Interview 1 (at Carleton University) 
February 14 – 22, 2024  Cohort 1 One-on-One Interviews 
Wednesday February 14, 2024 11:45pm  Cohort 2 Application Deadline 
Friday February 23, 2024  Cohort 2 Group Interview Invitations Sent 
Saturday March 2, 2024 2:00-3:30pm  Group Interview 2 (at Carleton University) 
March 6 – 14, 2024  Cohort 2 One-on-One Interviews 
April 1, 2024  All applicants informed of final hiring decisions 

What does a summer look like at Virtual Ventures?

The summer is divided into 2 halves, each focusing on different job duties.

May & June

  • Deliver pre-developed workshops in classrooms around Ottawa that complement the Ontario school curriculum 
  • Research and develop highly engaging and innovative summer camp content that aligns with camp goals and is presented in enjoyable ways to campers 
  • Plan and manage the budget for a summer camp and create a procurement list for summer camp materials that are cost-effective and align with the camp’s objectives 

July & August

  • Attend and be prepared for each day of camp 
  • Be responsible for groups of 10-30 campers in a specified grade from kindergarten to grade 11 
  • Take initiative and problem solve when problems arise in camp 
  • Supervise and guide high school volunteers to assist with daily camp duties 
  • Listen and participate in discussions with campers, staff members, and management team  
  • Keep accurate documentation and submit a final report at the end of the summer 


  • Carleton University student enrolled in engineering, science and/or technology related program 
  • Computer literacy required and basic programming is an asset 
  • Demonstrated strong leadership abilities 
  • Outstanding communication and teamwork skills 
  • Undergo a Police Record Check for the Vulnerable Sector before the start of the position 

Ideal Candidate

  • Some experience working with children (previous camp or classroom experience)  
  • Prior experience in a mentoring or coaching role (summer camp counselor, sports coach, lifeguard, arts/educational instructor)  
  • Passionate about sharing STEM knowledge  
  • Ability to explain complex concepts in a simplified manor  
  • Innovative ideas  
  • Approachable  
  • Good problem solver  
  • Works well in a team and independently 


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