2019 Summer Camp Registration will open on March 1, 2019 at 12:00pm (noon)


2019 Summer Camp Schedule will be available on Feb. 1, 2019

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Regular, Co-Ed Camps

Discover new and exciting aspects of technology and engineering! Understand the concepts of programming, electronics and multimedia applications. Apply your new skills to create websites, build robots, design apps, develop 2D or 3D computer graphics, design engineering projects in mechanical, biomedical or civil engineering, etc. Our range of activities will satisfy every curious and adventurous mind!

Explorers: Grade 1-2

Nybbles: Grade 3-4

Terabytes: Grade 5-6

Innovators: Grade 7-8

Specialty Camps


The Girls@VV  program offers a fun and interactive way for young girls to learn about and enjoy computers and technology. They learn about graphic design, websites, and programming and participate in exciting engineering challenges, while gaining confidence and leadership skills. This programfosters female involvement in science, technology and engineering! Mentors and role models play an important role in showing girls their true potentials. Campers will be with other girls their age, making it easier to make friends and have a great time at camp. This life-changing camp is not to be missed!

Juniors: Grade 3-5

Seniors: Grade 6-9

 Game Design

Get ready campers! Game Design camp is the way to experience the game design process from start to finish! Projects range from character development to programming to art creation. Ready to develop skills and make your own masterpiece games? Ready for the ultimate introduction to indie game-making experience? Then Game Design camp is the camp to be at this summer!

Juniors: Grade 4-6

Seniors: Grade 7-10


The world runs on code. Robots, Video Games, And Phones. They all need code. In this fun and creative week-long session, we will focus on design, logic, teamwork, creativity, and computer skills. Campers will learn coding fundamentals and how to apply them. Together, we can hack the world. No programming experience is required!

Juniors: 3-5

Seniors: Grade 6-8

Connections@VV for Indigenous Youth who have completed Grade 5-9

Discover how multimedia and technology can connect you to your community and traditions! Campers will take part in fun lessons on website design, animation, programming and other cool multimedia applications. Connections@VV is the camp to attend this summer!

Engineering Camps for any child who have completed Jk – Grade 8

Dust off your lab coat and get on your safety goggles, because this week is full of experiments and excitement! Join us for Engineering camp, a week entirely off-computers filled with hands-on engineering challenges, exciting demonstrations, and captivating experiments.  We offer this camp for multiple grade ranges: Eng JK-SK, Eng 1-2, Eng 3-4, Eng 5-6, Eng 7-8.

Codemakers Girls

Codemakers Girls is designed to give, regardless of computer science experience, the skills to be producers of technology. Participate in the new Codemakers initiative – powered by Google and Actua across Canada.  Through Codemakers Girls Jr, campers will see how computer programming can make the world a better place while coding their own songs, developing their own games, and solving programs through computer programming. This camp is sure to build lifelong skills necessary for 21st century life and transform “screen time” into safe and productive experiences both on and offline!

Juniors: Grades 3-5

Seniors: Grades 6-9

Virtual Ventures is proud to be participating in Codemakers, a national program powered by Actua and Google.  Actua’s network members at post-secondary institutions across Canada will empower 100,000 youth with critical computer science skills and prepare them for their future roles as innovators in

Trailblazers for any child who has just completed Grade 9-11

Trailblazers Leadership 2-weeks Camp will give students in grade 9 to 11 an opportunity to learn innovative engineering and technology concepts and teach them to younger campers. Involving collaborative work, students will explore topics in robotics & programming, mechanics & structures, animation & graphics, etc. The first week will be focused on engineering challenges where participants would use their knowledge acquired each day to solve problems. In the second week, participants will be paired up with university instructors to teach younger campers about technology and engineering! This will give participants the opportunity to complete their 40 hours of volunteer work while gaining life-long skills in coaching and teaching.

This two weeks camp will include:

  • Interactive lectures and hands-on activities on various topics in engineering and technology
  • Design challenges and group presentations including the business aspect of Eng & Tech
  • Mentors from the university and/or industry professionals
  • One week as a junior counselor in training – an opportunity to assist university instructors teach younger campers