Virtual Ventures Indigenous Youth in STEM (InSTEM) outreach program aims to engage Indigenous youth in STEM topics through culturally relevant experiences. The Virtual Ventures team works with Actua and Indigenous community leaders to create educational programs for youth that are integrated with Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing.

“Learn to see from your one eye with the strengths in the Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing… and learn to see from your other eye with the strengths in the [Western] knowledge and ways of knowing… but most importantly, learn to see with both these eyes together, for the benefit of all”

-Elder Albert Marshall on the principle of “Two Eyed Seeing” or “Etuaptmumk” in Mi’kmaq

InSTEM Initiatives

Youth Land Camp

For the past 5 years Virtual Ventures has partnered with Thompson Island Cultural Camp, Akwesasne to host a for-credit land camp for Indigenous youth in grades 8-12. Over the course of 10 days, youth will complete interactive STEM activities led by current university instructors and participate in various teachings from Cultural Practitioners and community leaders. The camp focuses on land-based learning to promote the preservation of cultural teachings and to help youth see themselves in STEM while earning a high school credit.


There are both on-campus and off-campus workshop opportunities. Led by an instructor, InSTEM workshops will highlight connections between traditional knowledge and STEM concepts. All technology and materials will be provided at no cost by Virtual Ventures. To book a workshop please contact us at 


Virtual Ventures also collaborates with existing InSTEM initiatives to provide interactive STEM activities. All technology and materials will be provided for any collaborative activities. To further discuss a partnership please contact us at

Educator Land Camp

This immersive learning experience at Thompson Island Cultural Camp for educators combines Indigenous knowledge with Western STEM concepts. The goal is to create awareness in the educators’ understanding of the value of Indigenous ways of knowing in STEM and how better support Indigenous youth in their educational journeys. Read more on this years camp here