InSTEM Outreach Program

The goal of InSTEM Outreach is to engage indigenous youth in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math) by integrating it with indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing.

“Learn to see from your one eye with the strengths in the Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing… and learn to see from your other eye with the strengths in the [Western] knowledge and ways of knowing… but most importantly, learn to see with both these eyes together, for the benefit of all”

-Elder Albert Marshall on the principle of “Two Eyed Seeing” or “Etuaptmumk” in Mi’kmaq

Using these values, we run workshops through the fall, winter and spring, and two summer camps  during the summer;

Land Camp: A 12 land-based day camp in Akwesasne

Click here to watch a video on Land Camps!

Connections: A 5 day camp at Carleton University

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