Summer Academy Information

Virtual Ventures’ Summer Academy is carefully crafted for middle and high school students. The Summer Academy is offered in July and August for participants who have completed grade 7 through grade 11.

What makes it different from a traditional summer camp?

Our Summer Academy stands apart from traditional summer camps by offering an emphasis on real-world applications and practical skill development. Our program features insights from industry professionals, providing participants with valuable exposure to various careers and university programs. We prioritize the cultivation of leadership skills and the development of essential soft skills, ensuring a holistic and impactful learning experience that goes beyond the ordinary summer camp setting.

The grade range is based on the grade that the youth will complete in June of this year.

Programs are offered in one week sessions, and the content is the same for each week across the summer (for example, Innovators Academy has the same content each week it is offered).

  • Run from 9:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.
  • Extended care option (for an additional fee) allows drop-off from 8 a.m. and pick-up until 5 p.m.
  • Parking passes are provided for drop-off and pick-up and can be requested from any Instructor or in our office. The passes allow free parking in any Visitors Parking lot on campus for 30 minutes between 8:00am-9:30am and 3:30pm-5:00pm.
  • Youth are required to pack a nut-free lunch to enjoy during lunch and snack periods. Pizza lunch will be provided on Fridays!
  • Activities are performed outdoors whenever possible (i.e. engineering projects and demonstrations).

Types of Academies

Virtual Ventures is excited to offer a variety of Academy options for youth in grade 7 – 12!

Innovators Academy

Embark on a journey through various engaging STEM activities! The Innovation Academy will focus on our understanding of the fundamentals of the physical universe around us and how we can meld this together with our softer skills to create something truly innovative.

Beyond STEM, the Innovators Academy offers an emphasis on leadership development. Our goal is to empower young minds to become future leaders in STEM fields.

Co-ed STEM, Grade 7-8

Trailblazers Academy

The perfect combination of amusement, learning, and practicality – the Trailblazers Academy is ideal for high school students looking to expand their knowledge of STEM-related subjects & complete Ontario’s required 40 hours of community service*. Beyond community engagement, the Trailblazers will create & future-proof their resumes, learn more about jobs in STEM, and grow their leadership skills.

Co-ed STEM, Grade 9-11

*Note about Trailblazers Academy:

This program requires a 2-week commitment to complete. Week 1: STEM activities, resume building, etc. & Week 2: Volunteer with a younger summer camp and assist Instructors.

STEM Girls Academy

STEM Girls* Academy is an inspiring and inclusive summer haven designed exclusively for girls eager to explore the realms of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) while building their leadership skills.

Engage in hands-on STEM exploration, led by two female instructors, build up leadership skills, and explore potential careers in STEM with our mentors. The STEM Girls Academy’s objective is to create an experience that is specifically designed to encourage more young women to pursue careers in STEM.

All-Girls STEM, Grade 7-10

Note about STEM Girls Academy:

The STEM Girls Academy has an optional sleepover on Thursday night of camp. Girls will swim in the Carleton pool, eat in the residence cafeteria, watch movies, play games, and sleepover in residence with a roommate. Girls will then wake up for breakfast in the residence cafeteria and then head to camp for Friday’s activities (there is pizza lunch on Fridays!). The sleepover will be hosted by the instructors and they will be supervised the entire night and morning. More information will be emailed prior to the camp week!

*By saying girls, we recognize and welcome all self-identifying girls including cisgender and transgender girls and gender-diverse students in STEM. We also encourage and welcome Indigenous girls, racialized girls, and girls with disabilities.

Engineering Academy

The Engineering Academy is geared towards budding engineers! This Academy focuses specifically on hands-on engineering activities and explores the intersectionality of different engineering disciplines when it comes to solving big problems. Students will meet with mentors from different engineering backgrounds and explore different areas of study.

Students will also have the opportunity to check out Carleton’s campus and engage in their own engineering experiments.

Co-ed Engineering, Grade 7-8

The Engineering Academy differs from Innovators Academy as it has a special emphasis on hands-on activities that are directly related to Engineering disciplines.

Engineering Insights Academy

Join the Engineering Insights Academy for a summer of exploration, innovation, and leadership development. Ignite the spark of curiosity and set the stage for a future filled with limitless possibilities in the world of engineering! Students will have the unique opportunity to interact with role models from various engineering backgrounds, gaining valuable perspectives on potential career paths.

Take things a step further as we provide and practice engineering tools to keep in our ‘Engineering Toolboxes’. These tools include: problem solving, creativity, innovation, teamwork, adaptability, attention to details, and a passion for lifelong learning.

Co-ed Engineering, Grade 9-11

Game Development Academy

Embark on a creative journey at our Game Development Academy, where students will actively engage in the game development process. From character development to programming and crafting visuals, participants will gain hands-on experience and develop essential skills needed to bring their video game creations to life. Students will also have the unique opportunity to interact with role models from various programming backgrounds, gaining valuable perspectives on potential career paths.

Co-ed Game Development, Grade 7-10

Schedule and Availability

Camp offerings for different age groups and specialties vary every week.

Every year our Instructors build a new schedule and create new lessons for each Academy! The 2024 activities can be viewed here!

Important Dates and Camp Fees

Camp costs vary based on the length of the camp week and extended care options. Payment deadlines and cancellation policies depend on camp dates.


Registration for 2024 is now open!