Virtual Ventures is excited to offer a multitude of camp options for grades K-8. You can find the detailed camp descriptions below.

General, Co-ed Camps

Our general camps offer a unique opportunity for youth to explore different STEM topics, allowing them to expand on their interests and discover new possibilities in STEM. Participants will complete hands-on engineering challenges, and captivating science experiments while learning basic coding concepts and interacting with exciting technology. Our diverse range of activities caters to every curious and adventurous mind.

Sprockets: Grade JK-SK

Explorers: Grade 1-2

Nybbles: Grade 3-4

Terabytes: Grade 5-6

Specialty, Co-ed Camps

Game Design

Embark on a creative journey at our Game Design camp, where youth will actively engage in the game design process. From character development to programming and crafting visuals, participants will gain hands-on experience and develop essential skills needed to bring their video game creations to life.

Game Design Junior: Grade 4-6


Step into the world of coding at our Programming camp! Participants will have the opportunity to explore various aspects of programming including robotics, electronics, technology and various coding software. Participants will learn coding fundamentals, acquire hands-on experience and discover how coding and technology influence our daily lives. Discover the endless potential of programming! No programming experience is required.

Programming Junior: Grade 3-5

Programming Senior: Grade 6-8

Engineering Camps

Join us for Engineering camp, a week entirely off-computers! Participants will complete hands-on engineering challenges, captivating experiments and exciting demonstrations. This off-computer experience provides a dynamic environment for learning and discovering the exciting world of engineering.

We offer this camp for multiple grade ranges: Eng JK-SK, Eng 1-2, Eng 3-4, Eng 5-6.

Girls Camps

STEM Girls

STEM Girls* offers a fun and interactive way for young girls to learn about engineering and technology through exciting engineering challenges and science experiments. Mentors and role models play an important role in this camp in showing girls their true potential.

STEM Girls Junior: Grade 3-4

STEM Girls Senior: Grade 5-6

*By saying girls, we recognize and welcome all self-identifying girls including cisgender and transgender girls and gender-diverse students in STEM. We also encourage and welcome Indigenous girls, racialized girls, and girls with disabilities.