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cuTheme Ready – Prepare your Site for a Seamless Migration!

Reviewing your website thoroughly before migrating it, lets you start off on the right foot and can make for a smoother transition. It is also beneficial to your current visitors!

Here are four steps to help you prepare your website for migration to cuTheme.

1. Do a Content Audit


2. Ensure your Content is  Accessible


3. Review Your Navigation Menu

The menu in cuTheme is top-of-page only (no side option). You may need to rethink your navigation depending on the length. We recommend reviewing it periodically anyway as things evolve on your site!

Simplify Navigation:

Consistent Structure:


4. Review and Renew Your Homepage

cuTheme will present you with a lot more design options for your homepage. However, content is still Queen! Now is a great time to rethink what elements are most important for your homepage.  Prep the content now and then style it up in cuTheme!

Clear Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

Visual Hierarchy

Dynamic Elements

Update Images