Master of Arts – Women’s and Gender Studies

Our Master of Arts program offers expertise in understanding the complexities of gender.  Our students have an opportunity to work with dynamic faculty members who place social inequality struggles and strategies for change at the forefront of curriculum and research.  Within a globalization, transnational and intersectional framework, students can explore issues relating to:

  • social justice
  • violence
  • human rights
  • popular culture and digital media
  • sexuality and the body

The core learning objectives of our program include transnational feminist scholarship, critical research and thinking skills, interdisciplinary and grounded knowledge.  We also offer a collaborative specialization in African Studies.

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  •  Admission Requirements fact sheet
  • The application process to graduate studies at Carleton for all prospective students is the same and must be completed online. For complete information regarding the application process please visit the Graduate Admissions website.
  •  Please contact Dr. Amrita Hari, if you have any questions




Graduate Courses and Descriptions

  • Graduate courses in Women’s and Gender Studies in Fall 2018 and Winter 2019:

Please note:

  • The course offerings and instructors are subject to change. Highlighted course codes have the syllabi attached.
  • The syllabi below are preliminary and are provided to assist with course selection. Syllabi are posted as they are received. Final syllabi will be posted at the beginning of the semester.
Course Course Title Instructor Term
WGST 5901 A / 4812 A Feminism and the Non-Human Graham, D. F
WGST 5901 B / 4812 B Sexuality, Race, Resistance F
WGST 5905 A Program Seminar Hari, A. F
WGST 5906 A Feminist Theory Graham, D. F
WGST 5902 A / 4812 A Advanced Topic: Sexual Violence on Campus W
WGST 5902 B / 4812 B Advanced Topic: Feminist Engagements with the Law  / Sexuality Controversies in Feminism and the Law Khan, U. W
WGST 5905 A Program Seminar Hari, A. W
WGST 5907 A Researching Women’s and Gender Issues Adeniyi Ogunyankin, G. W