Congratulations to Humanities student Marina Nekrasova!

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Marina Nekrasova

Marina Nekrasova is a third-year humanities and philosophy student who exemplifies student engagement in her contributions to the community, immersive learning, and undergraduate research. In 2021, she participated in the Students as Partners Program where she researched experiential learning methods and, working with Prof. Kimberley Stratton (Humanities), applied them in a complete redesign of the Issues in Religious Studies course. Last year, Maryna won a Carleton University Research Opportunity (CUROP) grant. Supervised by Dr. Andrew Brook (Philosophy) and Dr. Josh Redstone (Philosophy), she worked on the motivation to create artificial super intelligent beings and how it is similar to the motivation behind the religious drive to have supremely intelligent beings in our world. Her current research, through I-CUREUS, again supervised by Dr. Andrew Brook and Dr. Josh Redstone, is an experimental study of similarities and differences in subjects’ biological markers of emotional response when viewing images of supreme religious beings and super intelligent AI systems. Maryna is founder and Editor-in-Chief of Ipso Facto: The Carleton Journal of Interdisciplinary Humanities, is assisting Prof. James Wright (Music) in creating a graduate journal in Music and is Chair and Organizer of the Humanities Annual Colloquium for 2023.