As the term draws to a close, Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) has some tips and resources to help you wrap up your winter term courses in D2L Brightspace and launch your summer ones successfully.

 Wrapping up the winter term

Unwrapping the summer term ahead

  • Consult the course setup guide: Wondering how to start building your Brightspace course site? Work your way through the course setup guide to ensure you include all the important course elements.
  • Merge your courses prior to adding content: If you’re teaching multiple sections of the same course and want to merge them into one in Brightspace, fill out the course merge request form before you’ve built any course content. Courses can only be merged prior to student activity in the course.
  • Create a course overview tour: Help your students navigate your Brightspace course by creating a short video that explains where to find key course content.
  • Activate your course to allow students access: Courses are hidden by default when they are created. You’ll need to activate your course to share it with your students.
  • Update your Zoom software for maximum performance: If you use the Zoom client (desktop application), you will need to update to the latest version each term to ensure you have access to the newest features, fixes and settings. The desktop app offers a fuller, feature rich experience over a browser-based session. With the start of term on the horizon, it’s a great time to ensure you’re getting the most out of your tools.

Whether you’re wrapping up the winter or unwrapping the summer term, TLS is ready to help. Fill out a course consultation request to meet with support staff or submit your question to the TLS Support Portal.