A public schedule of courses is available for viewing at Carleton Central.

Once registration is open for the term, you can register by logging into Carleton Central and clicking Add or Drop Classes under Registration.

Registering for a closed section or a course which you lack the pre-requisite:

Students seeking permission to register in a closed section of a course or a course for which they lack prerequisites should submit an Registration Override Request by logging into Carleton Central and clicking Registration Override Request under Registration. To view or cancel a request, or to check the status (progress) of a previously submitted request, go back to the “Registration Override Requests” page. Note that submitting a request does not guarantee a space in the course. The department will review requests within 3-5 business days and make a decision based on student need and space availability. An email with the department’s decision will be sent to students but students can also view the status of their request in Carleton Central.

Still deciding which courses to take in your first-year of the program? Visit our First-year course selection information here.