Ottawa-Carleton Chemical and Environmental Toxicology Seminar Series 2021-2022

All talks will be hosted at 3PM EST.

Please email if you have difficulties with the zoom links.

Date  Speaker  Institution  Title  Zoom Link
Wednesday, September 22 Ray Novokowsky NobleLight Management Group On the Broadband Removal of Aqueous Colloidal Toxic Environmental Contaminants
Wednesday, October 13 Alan Doucette Dalhousie University Tools of the Trade: Designing New Technologies for Bioanalysis
Wednesday, October 27 Tony Yan Brock University Impact of Low Power Microwave Irradiation on Biomolecules and Cellular Systems at Constant Bulk Temperature
Wednesday, November 10 Lekha Sleno Université du Québec à Montréal Metabolism of Environmental Contaminants Studied by LC-MS
Wednesday, November 24 Meissam Noroozifar University of Toronto Scarborough Electrochemical Sensor Challenge for Simultaneous Determination of the Bio-Compounds
Wednesday, December 8 Lauren Gallant University of Ottawa Examining In-Vitro Dose Response Date to Determine Inter-Individual Variability in Human Sensitivity to Environmental Mutagens
Wednesday, January 12 Jean-François Masson Université de Montréal Maple Syrup Analysis, COVID-19 Immunity and Neurochemistry
Wednesday, January 26 Marlo Jeffries Texas Christian University Developmental Thyroid Disruption and Long-Term Impacts on Reproduction
Wednesday, February 23 Feng Li Sichuan University/Brock University Clinical Applications of Analytical DNA Nanotechnology
Wednesday, March 9 Taha M.Elmorsi Al Azhar University Removal of Environmental Pollutants Using Photocatalysis and Adsorption
Wednesday, March 23 Diane Beauchemin Queen’s University Environmental Chemistry
Wednesday, April 13 David Chen University of British Columbia Big Science in a Small Capillary