Photo of Robert J. Crutchley

Robert J. Crutchley

Professor and Chair

Degrees:Ph.D. (York University)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 3848
Office:203 SC

Research Objectives

Not accepting students at this time. 

The investigation of intramolecular electron transfer (or exchange) processes uncovers the interrelationships of molecular properties and develops the conceptual tools that are required to purposefully synthesize novel magnetic, electronic and non-linear optical materials of industrial importance. The construction of a model system, to quantitatively assess how the nature of the frontier molecular orbitals directly influences molecular properties, would be of significant theoretical and practical value. Results from my group have shown that we have been successful in designing such a model system and this offers an exciting research opportunity.

Application of NMR, electronic absorption, spectroelectrochemistry, cyclic voltammetry and magnetic susceptibility measurements combined with theory have permitted a quantitative understanding of the factors which influence the extent of metal-metal superexchange coupling (both electron transfer and exchange) to an unprecedented degree. Other research avenues are also being explored (conducting polymeric and non-linear optical materials) which will exploit my group’s understanding of these systems and hopefully lead to practical results.

Recent Selected Publications

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