Co-op program

Our co-op option for Honours students allows you to integrate your classroom work with real work experience. Placements can range from four- to eight-month terms. Chemistry students have worked on both co-op and summer projects with scientists at the National Research Council, Environment Canada, Health Canada and many other government agencies. Students have worked in the field of high tech such as at Canadian Bank Note (e.g., the inks and holograms used in passports and money are produced using sophisticated technology). Other corporate employers have included Syncrude Canada.


A Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry opens the door to a variety of careers. Chemists are needed in both the private and public sectors in jobs ranging from research to marketing. Companies hire Carleton grads to conduct research on drugs, paints, petrochemicals, and mineral extraction. Government laboratories hire our chemists for research on pollution control, drugs, water quality, crime detection, and a host of other areas. The Combined Honours stream prepares you for careers in chemistry, physics or geology, depending on the program you choose.

Graduate studies

Graduates of any of our Honours programs are generally well qualified to go on to graduate studies in Chemistry. If you think that you may wish to pursue an advanced degree, you are encouraged to investigate graduate programs early in order to ensure that your program is suited to meet the relevant graduate-level requirements.

Professional programs

Many professional programs, including medicine, dentistry, teaching, business, and law encourage well-rounded applicants from a variety of backgrounds to apply. Chemistry provides a strong foundation for such programs.

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