Carleton University Chemistry Magic Show

Several times throughout the year, the Department of Chemistry hosts our very popular Chemistry Magic Shows which have delighted audiences of all ages for many years.

Check out some videos from past shows below and visit the Chemistry Magic Show website for information on upcoming shows.

Magic Paper and an Iodine Clock
Making Slime
Spontaneous Combustion
Elephant Toothpaste
Lycopodim: Surface Area Matters
Exploding Methane, Acetylene, and Hydrogen
Sodium and Potassium in Water
Thermite: Rust + Aluminum = Molten Iron
Spontaneous Combustion of an M&M
Carleton University Magic Show News ReportCourtesy of Algonquin College students Jenni Beharry, Amanda Barakat, Justin Stratton, and Amit Mann.

Professor Bob Burk’s first-year Chemistry class demonstrations

Get a sense of what you might be seeing and experiencing in one of our first-year Chemistry classes.

Charles’ Law
Electrical Conductivity of Solutions
Effect of Temperature on an Equilibrium Reaction
Endothermic Reaction
Enthalpy of a Chemical Reaction
Hydrogen Explosion
Paramagnetism of Liquid Oxygen
Reactions of Sodium and Potassium with Water
Reduction of Copper
Oxidation of Copper
Making Nylon
Acetylene Explosion
The Geiger Counter
The Electric Pickle