Carleton International supports and advises faculty members who are applying—or obtaining institutional approval—for external revenue to fund internationally sponsored projects. In short, we facilitate access to international sources of research funding. Conferring with our office is essential for the success of securing such resources and beyond. Below is a step-by-step breakdown of our involvement in the process.

Heloise Emdon
Manager, Internationally Sponsored Research

Roadmap to internationally sponsored research

Stage I Find International Funding Sources

There are many sources from which faculty members can find research funding.  Carleton International regularly posts international funding opportunities on the CI website and regularly posts international funding opportunities in the Carleton Office of Research and Institutional Services (CORIS) Newsletter. Faculty are also encouraged to create an account with Research Professional so they can customize their searches and to receive regular updates on various funding opportunities.

During this stage, researchers should:

  • Familiarize themselves with the many features and benefits of Research Professional by watching tutorials
  • Consult with Carleton International on researcher eligibility and whether or not Carleton can comply with the expectations of the external sponsor.

Stage II Research Development

International sponsors may undertake due diligence to ensure that Carleton University is eligible for the grant and/or contract funding. At this stage, Carleton International assists faculty members to align their proposals with the sponsor’s strategic interests or needs. In addition, our office liaises with the various departments of the university to provide broad support in order to get Carleton University registered as a research provider. Consult the FAQ page to assist Principal Investigators (PI) in taking on these larger projects.

During this stage, Carleton International will:

  • Review the proposal
  • Assist with the creation or review of budgets
  • Work with collaborators and sub-awardees to collect and format supporting documents
  • Provide compliance review
  • Assist in providing the documentation of cash and in-kind commitment
  • Validate the commitment from Carleton University and provides letters of support for research proposals, partnerships, etc.
  • Interact with the international sponsor:
    • To validate institutional eligibility
    • To provide institutional, legal, and tax documentation
    • To provide policy information
  • Suggest resources for data management
  • Advice on implementation processes, such as creating positions for project coordinators, grant employees, and sub-agreements
  • Undertake due diligence for institutional signatory with help from CORIS approval form
  • Undertake due diligence for legal signatory for submission to an external sponsor
  • Recommend legal signatories from Carleton University
  • Support the submission of the proposal to external funders

Stage III Research Award

After the international sponsors announce their award or contract decision, Carleton International reviews the terms and conditions—including warranties, liabilities, and intellectual property rights—and negotiates and signs the legal project documentation.

During this stage, Carleton International will:

  • Thoroughly communicate the terms and conditions to the researcher
  • Recommend an institutional signature
  • Activate project in Carleton’s research database with the fully executed agreement
  • Informs Research Financial Services of the project, so a new research account can be opened

Stage IV Implementing Large Projects

In addition to offering general advice, Carleton International works closely with the PI  and project coordinators on larger projects throughout the various stages of implementation.

During this stage, Carleton International will:

  • Provide ongoing support for the PI to assist the PI to implement such as developing
    • Sub-contracts to consultants
    • Sub-awards to partner organizations
  • Liaise with the relevant service departments in the university to support the PI develop
  • Facilitate the creation of grant-funded employee contracts

Stage V Promote Your Research

Carleton International continues to provide general support in research promotion should the researcher require assistance.

During this stage, researchers should:

Stage VI Project Management and Monitoring Frameworks for your Project

Continuous and systematic collection of data not only improves the management of your project but provides for greater accountability to funders and importantly, accountable, effective, efficient and impactful projects. Several international researchers require at the proposal stage evidence. Building a monitoring and evaluation framework improves the project management of the project, but also improves the chances of future funding. Carleton International provides on a cost-recovery basis project and partner coordinators that assist PIs with project implementation and work in teams to assist with developing Monitoring frameworks for evaluation of project outputs and potential impacts.

Stage VII Project Development

New cycles of project funding require sufficient planning. Consult Carleton International early to support the process of developing proposals that involve international partnerships and international research funding to make optimal use of the opportunities that arise.

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