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Direct and indirect costs of Research

I need a budget template to reflect multiple partners over multiple years?

Use this budget template if you have a multi-year international project that involves sub-agreements to multiple institutions. Consortium Template Consolidated budget-CI website

I require a teaching release — where do I get approval?

Discuss with your Departmental chair/director and Associate Dean of Research and International (ADRI) giving a heads-up that you will be applying for a teaching release, they need to approve this, and it has to be budgeted in your project. When completing the CU Authorisation list you must add the teaching release into the request for approval. The cost of a teaching release can be confirmed with the chair and ADRI. Space, as above, complete the CU Research· Most proposals need to have an institutional legal signatory sign-off on it, the policy and the commitment letter, signed by the University’s authorized signatory, for international.

If you are charging for teaching release, find out from your Chair/Director how to budget for a contract instructor. If you are budgeting for your own time for US grants then let us discuss, will you receive it as a top-up or if it is to be a refund, read more here scroll down and read “salary recovery/course buy-out”.

How do I hire research staff or students?

Please click here to know more details:​​

What else need to consider about my budget?

Post-docs, then your budget needs to consider

More advice on post-award processes:


Indirect cost:

How and why do I include the indirect cost of research/overhead in my budget?

Calculating Indirect costs of Research: Carleton’s policy and distribution formula (you get some back!)Remember we do not have a NICRA (negotiated indirect cost of research administration, basically an audit from the US Federal system) and so if you are getting a sub-award from a US university, and or are applying directly for Federal funding, we have to default to 10%. However, if you are budgeting for a foundation, then we go with the foundation rules, some might restrict you to 15%, others 20% and if they are prepared to go higher, all the more for your effort. Please note that if the indirect cost is “inclusive” in the total then please use the following formula:

eg: $100,000*20/120=$16,666.66 The total direct cost is therefore $83,333.33

International Collaborators

How do I transfer funds to international collaborators?

When a multi-party or consortium proposal is being developed the partnerships, if not already mature, are under construction. Some consideration needs to be given at the proposal stage of the start-up phase of a successful multi-party award looks like. 

It is important for the PI to consider:

  • How partners in the network or consortium will be contributing to the research objectives and also how they will be remunerated
  • How the funds will be transmitted and how Carleton will be able to remain accountable for the partnership.
  • Reach out to at the proposal development stage of an international partnership. 

How to appoint an independent contractor for the project?

Appointing an independent contractor

Consultant: Consultant is defined as a person or entity that, under an agreement, provides expert or strategic advice and related services. The following licensed professionals do not constitute consulting services: medical doctors, veterinarians, engineers, architects, accountants, lawyers and notaries.

Determining employee or self-employment status

Make payments to individuals and business and tax regulations:

Reach out to if your project is ready to develop a sub-agreement.

How can I get help to implement a large project?

Check the funding criteria of the sponsor. If you are applying as the principal investigator the international funders are less restrictive regarding the categories of direct costs. In a multi-year project that includes building upon international partnerships, facilitation of several international interactions, sub-awards to partner organizations, and research administration it makes sense to include a post for an international project coordinator as a grant employee. Speak to to consider this option.

Is your project implementation going to require a research project manager/international partner coordinator?

This will be a grant-funded employee and Carleton International will guide you on how to plan the salary and terms and conditions of a grant-funded employee at the budget stage.

Where will funds be used to?

Determining employee or self-employment status

Make payments to individuals and business and tax regulations:

How to arrange for international visiting scholars management of research funds registered under a Carleton PI?

Please click here to get more information:​​

PI Fees

I am applying for PI fees, how can they be used in my grant?

1. Course buyout. In this case, the faculty member wants to be freed from teaching a course so that they can spend additional time working on the project. The budget would have to cover the cost of a contract instructor to cover the course (the current collective agreement is here, the term is Sept 1, 2019 – August 31, 2022) has this as $7,528 for a half credit or $15,055 for full credit) plus approximately 18% benefits.

2. Salary recovery. In this case, the University would receive compensation for the PI’s time and the budget should be based on the PI’s salary plus approximately 18% fringe benefits.

3. PI Fees. These are fees the PI is charging in addition to their normal salary, presumably because the project will require additional work over and above the 40% of time allocated to research in the CUASA collective agreement. In this case, the PI can charge whatever they want, however, they will need to cover any associated Extended Health Benefits, Workplace Safety Insurance associated with the payment (about 2%) that do not have a maximum limit. The rest of the benefits are based on normal salary and do not scale with temporarily increased income.

How do I calculate the research income I want to make with fringe benefits if I am an adjunct research professor?

An Adjunct Research Professor can apply for research funds and will be appointed on a grant contract for the grant term period. Please contact to assist with these calculations. The Adjunct Research Professor’s payroll profile needs to be approved by the Department Chair or Director, the one-over-one approval policy is here

· Choose the annual/monthly/hourly salary. If the employment is more than a 0.5FTE and longer than 6 months they may opt into Extended Health Benefits and other fringe benefits. Fringe benefits rate is 18%, while employer contribution (the grantor’s contribution) is 14% which is paid to Canada Pension Plan, EHB, etc. In other words, a fully-funded grant employee salary requires a further 22% for fringe benefits and statutory deductions.

Can I arrange for the PI funds to be paid into a research account to be used at my discretion?

No, this is not allowed, the PI’s salary cannot be put into a research account because Canada Revenue Agency does not allow this.

Research User Accounts

When will my research account be opened?

The post-award financial administration will be done by Research Financial Services. Once we have fully agreed to All forms for financial transactions: Finance​; MyResearch FAST accounts:

How do I register for the funding portal *Research Professional?

As a researcher at Carleton University, your first step in finding international sources of funding is to register an account with * Research Professional. To achieve this, your first step is to see “Find Funding” on our Roadmap webpage; then go to MacOdrum Library, Databases, find *Research Professional. You can use our link to enter the website and register your personal account using your Carleton email address. Please note, however, that for a number of reasons, you cannot find Carleton University in the institutional registration. Please use your personal information to register.

How do I register my ORCID?

Come here and see the details:​

Why do I need an account for *Research Professional? What can I get from the site?

*Research Professional provides detailed and specific project information and funding information from various organizations. Using this site to find information can help save resources for Carleton’s international programs department and improve your program application efficiency. Especially for small grants, the website will provide better help than the department members.

How do I search for the funding on Research Professional?

The most important information you can achieve on this website is Funding. Click Funding, and you can quickly search items by keyword or academic category. In some cases, you may not be able to find the results you want directly in the Opportunity search bar. This may be because the keywords are inaccurate or the scope is too broad. At this point, you can click “Advanced Opportunities Search” and then click “Discipline.” In the window, you will see a new search bar. Type the keyword for the item you are looking for into the search bar again and you will get all the results related to it.

International Agreements

What should be reviewed and negotiation?

Carleton International reviews and negotiates 

  • Prime Agreements
  • incoming sub-awards from international universities
  • RFP for international contracts
  • International collaboration MOUs for multi-country projects
  • Recommends institutional signature

If Carleton University is the Prime recipient, this requires OVPRI and RFS’ administrative engagement in a process that will continue until the project is completed. 

Works with PI to enter into the more formal aspects of the partnership. 

  • supports the PI and project management staff with post-award issues

Develops and negotiates sub-agreements with international collaborators

  • Sub-awards to participants that participated in developing the proposal 
  • Consultancy contracts
  • Contracts for research services providers. 
  • Reach out to if your project is ready to develop a sub-agreement.

UK & Europe

When applying for funds from the UK and Europe what must I consider?

When working with funders and universities in the UK and Europe we are challenged by the need to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which they are bound by. 

Reach out to us at the proposal stage to discuss this matter.

Listen to this Carleton International podcast interview with Privacy Officer, Pierce White-Joncas to learn more.


When the funds originate from the USA funds what must I consider?

Sometimes the US universities have divisions for sub-awards, so then my “counterpart” tends to be whoever is going to draw up the sub-award to Carleton, however, the counterpart might also be the pre-award research administrator and they are very knowledgeable about Federal funds (I tend to let them lead on these issues)

Do you intend to Transfer specimens, and or ethics protocols from another university to Carleton? Do you need the FWA number for Carleton’s ethics approvals?

Particular to US federal agencies: Have you collaborator said anything about “foreign influence”? Please read the following and see if you’re good with it:

Project Implementation

How can I get help on the project management of my research?

Continue to answer​.


Many funders – especially those involved in development research — usually require a project to have a logical framework in the proposal stage. Carleton International can provide guidance at the proposal stage to ensure the integration. However, if your research proposal does not have such a framework at the implementation stage, you can get help from who is a trained evaluator and can work with your project team to develop the project’s own Theory of Change. Projects with M&E frameworks are able to identify what evidence needs to be collected in order to meet the performance-based criteria of the donor agency or collect key performance indicators for the project’s own strategic planning. Monitoring and evaluation are keys to improving the project implementation and its strategies for continuing the work through future planning and proposals. M&E is important for showing how the interventions have contributed to the expected change.

Research Sub-agreements

Who could I contact?

For International sub-awards, please contact Asli Eran at or 613-520-2600 x 4411

  1. Start an event in cuResearch. (Download illustrated step by step instructions HERE)
  2. Be sure to include:
  3. Sub-recipient institution name
  4. Co-investigators name and email address
  5. Amount to be issued
  6. Scope of work/use of funds
  7. Start and end dates for sub-award
  8. Any additional information
  9. Sign the transfer: The Research Administrator will send you the transfer agreement when it is ready. You only need to sign and return it and your job is done.
  10. Note that your partner institution will receive the funds after the form is fully executed and submitted to Research Financial Services, as organized by the Research Administrator.

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