Nomination Guidelines for Co-op Student of the Year Awards 

Before you begin filling out the nomination form, you will need to have the following document:

  • Letter of support (written and provided by you, the co-op student’s employer)

Once you have written your letter of support (see guidelines below) stating why you are nominating your student for this award, you may then continue by filling out the nomination form at the bottom of this page.

Employer Letter of Support Guidelines

For best results, your letter should describe the impact your co-op student had on the company, department, agency, section, etc. Consider the following questions when writing your letter:

  • Did the co-op student do something significant such as save the company money, bring about new research or business opportunities?
  • Did this student improve company/staff morale, the quality of work, or perhaps the level of service?
  • Did this student perform better than other co-op students you have hired over the years?
  • Would you invite this student back for another co-op term or consider offering permanent employment after graduation?
  • Did this student’s performance encourage you to hire other co-op students?
  • Did this student perform above your expectations?

Note: Only one employer letter will be considered. If more than one person would like to comment on the student’s performance, this can be done in a joint letter.