Nomination Guidelines for Co-op Employer of the Year

Before you begin filling out the nomination form, you will need to have the following document:

  • Letter of support (written and provided by you, the co-op student)

Once you have written your letter of support stating why you are nominating your employer for this award, you may then continue by filling out the nomination form at the bottom of this page.

Please note: Past winners are not eligible to be nominated again. Please review the list of past winners below.

Letter of Support (2 pages maximum)

For best results, your letter should describe your experience in the workplace. Be specific in your examples.

Consider the following questions:

  • What motivated you to nominate this employer?
  • Describe your work experience (e.g., Link with education, depth of work experience, level of responsibility, access to challenging projects or assignments, etc.)
  • What were your initial expectations and how did the employer surpass these?
  • How did this employer contribute to your professional growth (career, personal, or academic development)?
  • Were mentoring relationships provided to you during the work term?
  • How does this employer foster exceptional experiences for our co-op students?
  • What would you tell other co-op students about this employer?
  • How did this employer contribute to Co-operative Education?

If you have questions please email