Co-op students working for the federal public service must obtain security clearance prior to beginning their co-op work term. Please refer to the FAQ below for more information on this process. Your employer will be in touch with you to complete the necessary paperwork and documentation. 

Security Clearance FAQ

Question: What are the different levels of security clearance?

Question: What are the benefits of obtaining my security clearance?

Question: Can I start working if my security clearance hasn’t been processed yet?

Question: Can I start the security clearance process early?

Question: Is fingerprinting now a part of the security clearance process?

Question: What documents do I need to prepare for security clearance? 

Question: What do the security clearance forms look like? 

Question: I’ve been out of the country, does this affect my security clearance?

For more information, please refer to the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat website: 

Video: How to complete the Security Clearance Form TBS SCT 330 60