If you have secured a co-op position through a self-directed job search, you will need to complete the Self-directed Approval Request form on mySuccess. For instructions on submitting request forms via mySuccess, click here to view a video walkthrough click here

As a reminder, for a position to count as a co-op work term, it must be: 

  1. Related to Carleton’s Career Competencies and your degree  
  2. Paid, see notes below 
  3. Supervised, 
  4. Full-time hours (35-40 hours per week), and 
  5. Approximately 16-weeks (4-months) in duration per term. 

Note: Co-operative Education will not accept the following types of employment:  

  • Independent contracting arrangements (self-employment)  
  • Unpaid work including work involving unpaid or reduced pay for training  
  • Work involving credit in lieu of pay  
  • Any work which requires the purchase of a service or product, or requires a certified deposit or similar as a condition of employment  
  • Employment contracts or franchise contracts which charge a fee (i.e. certification fee, licensing fee, equipment purchase, initial investment in a company)  
  • Work involving pyramid-type or multi-level marketing organizations  
  • Private tutoring arrangements  
  • Employment that would involve the work to take place at the private residence of the employer (i.e. caregiver, tutor, landscaping, care attendant) 

Please note that if this position is approved as a co-op job, the position is subject to all the rules and regulations outlined in the Co-op Participation Agreement. This includes payment of the non-refundable work term fee and completion of a work term report.

If you are conducting a self-directed job search and wish to learn whether the position might be appropriate, please send a copy of the job description or posting that includes the information listed above via email to your Co-op Student Advisor for review.