What: Weekly focus on one knowledge mobilization technique
Why: Requested by members of the program committee and a way to encourage expansion of our KMb activity.
Purpose: Provide sufficient information about specific knowledge mobilization techniques to help hubs decide whether to implement a particular technique.
When: Every week in CFICE Connections
• Description of the technique
• Examples of the technique in use
• Key aspects of the technique
• Suggestions on how and when it’s useful
• Resources required to use the technique
• Links to resources to learn more about the technique
Key Considerations:
• The decision to use a particular technique hinges your desired outcome and understanding of who your audience is, how they would use the knowledge, their preferred knowledge sources, media, and formats.
• Think about an integrated use of multiple techniques to meet the needs of multiple audiences – E.g. An infographic to raise awareness/spark interest, which links to a one page policy brief, which links to the original source research paper(s).
How we will evaluate:
Reach: # page views.
Relevance: # Read, # comments and follow-up questions, intent to explore further.
Relationship: Increased shared activity between KMb Hub and Thematic Hubs
Results: Technique tried. New audiences contacted, product used.
What is knowledge mobilization
Directions to whomever is uploading:

Questions? Comments? Suggestions for a technique to highlight. Let us know!