1. SPRC & McMaster Colleagues Seeking Community Partners for Input to Community-Based Research Toolkit

Colleagues at McMaster and SPRC are putting together a list of 15-20 invitees to attend a workshop which willlead to the development of a community based research toolkit. If you have any names of people across various sectors in the community who have some experience working with academic researchers please pass these suggestions along to Erika Morton at SPRC at emorton@sprc.hamilton.on.ca. They’re seeking a range of voices/perspectives at this workshop.  Participants will be selected so that this range is assured:

  1. Range of roles in research projects (advisory board, collaborator, co-applicant, peer researcher)
  2. Range of types of communities (non-profit/social services sector; arts and culture sector; environment; health)
  3. Level of experience (from very experienced working with academic researchers to one-time experience)

Please note that peoples experience with academic research can include working with McMaster, as well as other other communities/cities. If you have any names of potential invitees during the next week that would be much appreciated. Feel free to send these directly to Erika.

2. 100in1 Day Hamilton | June 6

A dedicated team of Hamilton volunteers are working in collaboration to organize a city-wide event taking place on Saturday, June 6th called 100in1Day Hamilton. 100in1Day is a growing global movement that is changing how people interact with their cities. Originating in Bogotá, Colombia in 2012, it has encouraged hundreds of one-day community-based interventions in cities around the world. Interventions can include things like street art, urban gardens, beautification projects, social events, improvements in city infrastructure, or simply waving to strangers

All interventions are all being profiled on the same day in a city-wide festival which profiled on an interactive online map. This year, Hamilton will be joining cities around the world, along with Toronto, Vancouver, and Halifax, to strive for 100+ community led projects all being profiled on Saturday, June 6th. Register your urban intervention at http://www.hamilton.100in1day.ca!

3. Trailhead Ontario Conference – The Benefit of Trails|June 7-10 2015 @ McMaster

Ontario Trails, McMaster University and Hamilton Burlington Trails Council are thrilled to be releasing the Trailhead Ontario Conference 2015 Official Program Package. You will find the Program Package here. Please feel free to contact nature@mcmaster.ca if you have any questions.