In today’s fast paced environment, an emphasis is placed on finding the best tools to connect with others and increase productivity. Meetings are now often held between individuals in different parts of the world by means of on-line or telephone connectivity. With advances in technology aimed at artificially bringing people closer together, traditional and simpler means to connect with others often get overlooked. Naturally, face to face interactions occur when two or more individuals physically interact with one another in the same general vicinity. Although this sort of KM technique may seem so obvious that it hardly warrants a write up, there are several important and useful characteristics associated with Face to Face interactions that should be outlined.

Resources, time, and skill

Like many KM techniques, Face to Face meetings depend largely on the individual implementing such a technique. Interpersonal skills such as building rapport, having charisma, and general speaking are just some of the skills required in order to successfully implement a face to face interaction.

Key considerations

Given the personal level of interaction associated with speaking with someone directly, there are many benefits associated with face to face interactions. Research has shown that situations that require coordination, consensus, timing and persuasion are best addressed using face to face interactions. Also, face to face meetings have been shown to provide the best outcomes when important business contracts are in play, when interviews for job positions need to be conducted and when the absorption and retention of information is needed.

The take away

Although many types of techniques for connecting with others are at your disposal, traditional methods of interaction like face to face interactions are often the best way to accomplish specific tasks. However, the extent to which someone is successful in implementing such a strategy often depends on the person themselves. Interpersonal skills lie at the heart of any human interactions; better “people skills” often translates to better face to face meetings and associated opportunities.

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