On December 4th, between 10am and 1pm, CFICE members Peter Andrée (PI), Chris Yordy (volunteer researcher), and Omar Elsharkawy (Administrative RA) will join activist-academics from University of Ottawa, Carleton University, Meal Exchange’s Campus Food Systems Project and others at University of Ottawa for a workshop on community-campus food justice.

During the workshop, Andrée, Yordy, and Elsharkawy, among others, will provide short presentations of their research/project/program activities. Guiding questions for the presentations include: How are you working to address food justice on your campuses, and in your communities? How are you connecting this work to the curriculum on campuses? What are the greatest challenges or opportunities your organization/campus are facing? How can academia contribute to promoting food justice and supporting local community partners? How best can community organizers and researchers contribute to academic teaching, research and campus food justice?

Guest speaker Jennifer Bagelman (UVic and UBC) will also be there to provide an informative presentation on zines as a community-based foodscape mapping tool.

Event Details:
10am-1pm, including a potluck lunch (beverages provided by U of O’s food lab)
Location: GSD 307, just above Nostalgica Cafe, University of Ottawa
Event is by invitation only. Please contact Peter Andrée for more information.