by Carly Foubert, CFICE Communications RA

Poster with a enveloped letter on it. The poster reads "Mail Time. Try out some alternatives to the traditional holiday cards."Everyone likes receiving snail mail, with the exception of bills and junk mail that is. There’s something so personal and meaningful about receiving mail that leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling, knowing that someone is thinking of you. It’s a reminder in the busyness of the month to stop for a minute and think about the people around us, our friends, and family.

But what happens to all those cards at the end of December? Think back to last year… you threw them out, didn’t you? Don’t worry about it, we can’t keep every card we get. This year, let’s try something a little different, a little greener.

Get out your scissors and glue! We’re making cards out of recycled materials! If, by chance, you can find any old holiday cards lying around, this is the perfect opportunity to repurpose them! You can cut and paste covers and designs and add your own touch. This is a great idea because every card will be unique and personal.

A person traces a tree shape around the image of snowmen found on the front of an old holiday card.


Not much of a crafter? Not a problem! You can send plantable cards with seed-infused paper! Whoever you send the cards to can then plant the card instead of throwing it out! Cool, right?! It’s a gift that just keeps on giving.

Or take it one step further and go paperless! Electronic cards are customizable, quick, and easy. You can add family photos and personal messages to make it sentimental and meaningful. Best of all, there’s no paper so you don’t have to worry about your cards ending up in the landfill.