by Carly Foubert, CFICE Communications RA

With all the holidays that amalgamate in December, it quickly becomes an expensive month of spending and buying.  It’s hard on the bank and hard on the environment. And it only contributes to the consumer culture that exists today. As you may remember, yesterday we learned that 85% of the clothing that we discard makes its way to landfills. The remaining 15% is donated to second hand stores.

Clothing hanging on hangersWe live in such as fast paced society, clothing trends change seasonally, which means a considerable amount of spending and clothing waste. Purchasing second hand clothing and appliances combats this culture by encouraging people to be more conscientious of the environmental and social impact of clothing.  People become more aware of the value and durability of clothing, as well as its life expectancy.  Its part of being an informed consumer.

And more often than not, second hand stores are magical treasure troves filled to the brim with a seemingly endless array of gently used clothing and appliances that are just waiting to be rediscovered.  So go out and discover all that secondhand stores have to offer.