Cover of the book Learning, Food and Sustainability.“This book is dedicated to Cathleen Kneen, a contributor to this work. She was an educator, activist and friend whose spirit continues to guide us in our work on food system transformation.”

A new book is out that community-campus partners and food researchers might want to dive into this harvest season. Titled Learning, Food, and Sustainability: Sites for Resistance and Change, the book is one of the first of its kind to address the role of education in exploring the intersection of learning and food at the interface with sustainability. As the book’s abstract states, “Taking a broad pedagogical approach to the question of food, it focuses on learning and change in a number of key sites including schools, homes, communities, and social movements, keeping in mind that we need to learn our way out of our current unsustainable food system and in to more sustainable alternatives.”

The chapter by CFICE researchers Peter Andrée, Lauren Kepkiewicz, Charles Levkoe, Abra Brynne, and Cathleen Kneen titled Learning, Food, and Sustainability in Community-Campus Engagement: Teaching and Research Partnerships That Strengthen the Food Sovereignty Movement might be of particular interest in that it addresses how movements for food sovereignty and community-campus engagement (CCE) can work together. The authors argue that “CCE can, and in many cases already does, strengthen the food sovereignty movement, especially when CCE challenges traditional assumptions about the role of academics. This is particularly important given that academic institutions have a history of exploitative research relationships and often reinforce hierarchical assumptions about whose knowledge “counts” and how knowledge is produced.”