by Carly Foubert, CFICE Communications RA

We challenge you to take a shower in under 8 minutes! 

This is the average time it takes to have a shower, which uses approximately 18 gallons of water. By reducing your shower by 2 minutes it can save 6 gallons of water! 

Water usage pie chartWater does wonders! It’s a precious commodity that greatly affects our daily lives! We use it when we brush our teeth, when we cook, when we clean, it keeps us hydrated, and grows our food. On average each american uses 100 gallons of water daily! 16.8% of water usage is accounted for showering. Although it doesn’t seem like much, everything adds up. Take a look at the percentage of water use from leaks and well as faucets. If we fixed those leaks on the 5th and remember to turn off the faucets when we brush our teeth and shave than we could reduce our total water usage by approximately 20%. And if we shorten our showers by even 2 minutes we can decrease water usage even more.

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