by Carly Foubert, CFICE Communications RA

Take some time today and turn off the Television and spend some time with your family, maybe play a game instead. Not only is it a great way to spend family time, but it will also save energy.

©Natural Resources Canada

©Natural Resources Canada

Every TV has a different energy usage. Since 2011 it has been required that each TV has a printed label estimating the cost of energy consumption for the TV for a year.  The label assumes a price of electricity, 11 cents per kilowatt per hour, and an estimated usage, 5 hours a day.  

The label also has an indicator to position the TV on a scale relative to the energy consumption of other TVs. The type and capacity of models that make up the energy consumption class as well as the model number are listed on the label to inform the purchasers.

A television If you’re interested in estimating the energy consumption of your TV based on your usage of it, try out this consumption and electricity cost calculator.

Whatever the energy usage of your TV, instead of setting in with a movie this evening, make a choice for family time games that are low energy consuming.  There are plenty of games, like Monopoly, L!FE, and Twister.