Repurposing materials can be really creative and a lot of fun! Its creative crafting at it’s finest; trying to think of as many things that you can make with one object, it requires objective thinking. Plus its recycling as well!

Newspaper is a great example of repurposing materials.  Newspapers are usually produced daily or weekly and only read once. Instead of just chucking them in the recycling bin once you’ve finished reading, try repurposing them with some of these ideas listed below:

  1. Wrapping paper: just in time for the holidays! Instead of purchasing wrapping paper that will only be tossed after, recycle newspaper.
  2. Packing stuffing: if you need to pack something delicate and breakable or if you’re moving anything soon you can use stock up on your supply of newspaper instead of buying packing peanuts.
  3. Wash windows: use newspaper when cleaning windows
  4. Paper mâché crafts: there are a number of paper mâché projects you can do this holiday season or anytime of the year, Everything from piggy banks to piñatas.
  5. Floor protection: if you’re planning on redecorating and painting your home anything soon, protect your furniture and floor by covering with newspaper.

newspaperThe possibilities are endless when it comes to recycling newspaper, anything goes! You could make confetti, paper hats, colleges, pennant triangle banner, or anything you can think of! If you need more ideas check out this link for some inspiration. If you have any great ideas for reusing newspaper, please share with us via twitter or Facebook.