power symbolVampire power, which may also be called phantom loads or standby power, is the power consumed by appliances when they are turned off or not performing their function. TVs require the use of power when they are off so that they can receive the signal from the remote and many other appliances consume power for emitting little lights or clocks.  Although it doesn’t seem like much it does add up.  Standby power can account for 10% of residential power consumption. That’s 10% of power that you’re not using but you’re paying for.

©Canadian Tire

©Canadian Tire

You can reduce standby power in your home by unplugging appliances when you are not using them so that they cannot draw power.  You can make it even simpler by using timers for appliances so you don’t have to remember to walk around your home unplugging appliances every day. You can set the timer to turn off power during times when you know the appliances  won’t be in use. For example your TV could be turned between midnight and 6am or during your work day.  

It’s not much but it does do something to reduce power consumption and waste and makes your home a little more energy efficient.

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