On September 13, 2016, Food Secure Canada released it’s report titled Paying for Nutrition: A Report on Food Costing in the North. Completed with the support of CFICE’s Community Food Security Hub, this report leaves no doubt that food prices in the north are outrageous in comparison with the rest of Canada.

With many northern community residents, including First Nations communities, needing to spend over half of their income on food, its no wonder they are having difficulties meeting basic nutritional requirements.

Paying for Nutrition report infographic depicting that a family of 4 in the north pays $1,909 for groceries in comparison with $847 a similar family in Toronto.

Infographic from the Paying for Nutrition Report.

The report highlights some shocking statistics on the prices of basic food items in the north, and calls for an appropriate national and provincial response to the food insecurity crisis in the north.

Read the full report by visiting Food Secure Canada’s website.