Based on the report, Herpetiles of the Dahl Forest Wetlands, CFICE’s latest podcast highlights some unique facts about the frogs, snakes and turtles you might see on a Dahl Forest hike. Located in Haliburton County, this 500-acre nature reserve straddles 2.7 kilometres of the nearby Burnt River, revealing highly diverse habitats, flora and fauna.

Download a copy of the podcast transcriptPodcast written and recorded by Lily Haines, CFICE Knowledge Mobilization RA. 

This report was created by Trent University, U-Links, and the Haliburton Highland Land Trust with the support of CFICE’s Community Environmental Sustainability Hub (Peterborough/Haliburton). Download a copy of the report by clicking on the image below.

Image of the Dahl Forest Wetland Report front page, featuring a large green frog peeking up from the surrounding green water.