by Carly Foubert, CFICE Communications RA

Water conservation often starts with the little things.  Like we saw on December 5th with the leaky taps: a little bit can really add up! Today let’s take it one step further after fixing our leaky taps, let’s remember to turn off the taps when we brush our teeth.

toothbrushesOn average we brush our teeth twice a day, each for approximately 2 minutes. By turning the tap off for those 2 minutes you’d save 8 gallons of water, 16 gallons of water a day, and over 200 gallons of water per month! And that’s just for one person! And we’re not even using that water

Shaving is included in this post. Instead of shaving in the shower and leaving the tap on, today just keep a glass of warm water for rinsing your razor rather than using the tap.

Simply put, leaving the water running is unnecessary. So why do it? Answer: don’t do it.