Our partners in the Community-Campus Engagement Brokering (Food Sovereignty) working group have been busy this year advocating for a National Food Policy in Canada.

They have also been busily writing up the lessons learned from this work in a new journal article titled A people-centred approach to food policy making: Lessons from Canada’s People’s Food Policy project. Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition. This article was published online by the  on December 17, 2017.

The paper reflects on a major public engagement process that was established to develop a Pan-Canadian food policy based on the principles of food sovereignty. The authors present an account of the People’s Food Policy (PFP) as a social and political experiment that mobilized a diversity of civil society networks and Indigenous people to establish transformative spaces and processes for (re)claiming control of the food system. They argue that the PFP process was a successful, yet imperfect model of a people-centred, counter-hegemonic policy-making process enacted through food movement networks that provided important lessons for advancing public participation in decision making and action.

Access the full PDF article by clicking on the image below!

Title page of the Journal of Hunger and Nutrition showing multiple images of food, food harvesting, and grocery shopping.