A book laying on a table with some pages floating up as the book is opened.This themed issue of CFS/RCÉA aims to highlight the spectrum of current scholarship focusing on prospects and challenges for a joined-up, systems-based approach to national food policy that aims to connect sectors, departments and jurisdictions, and establish opportunities for meaningful civil society participation.

We are interested in contributions that explore ways that an effective national food policy would be rooted in the goals of healthy and safe food, social and ecological justice, a robust economy, the rights of Indigenous peoples, and democratizing governance.

We are seeking a wide range of papers that explore a national food policy in all its complexity. Please note that submissions can be made under a variety of categories, as described under the “Submissions” menu (under the Submission Types Header) on the Canadian Food Studies website. These categories include commentaries, perspective articles, original research articles, review articles, field reports, digital works, and art or design works.

For more information details, please see the call for papers in English or in French.

To submit: Please send your submission proposals or abstracts (300 words max) directly to guest co-editors Amanda Wilson (community@foodsecurecanada.org) and Charles Z. Levkoe (clevkoe@lakeheadu.ca). You can contact them for more information as well.

Deadline for a brief summary of proposed paper: May 26, 2017

Deadline for full paper submissions: October 1st, 2017