A young woman stands in front of a tree wrapped with a pink ribbon, marking it for biomonitoring purposes.

Jenna Snelgrove conducting Biomonitoring in the Haliburton Highlands. ©Jenna Snelgrove

If you’ve been following Jenna Snelgrove’s blog posts on the CFICE website, you’ll know she’s been working hard to research and prepare some pretty unique event kits for CFICE’s Haliburton Partners, Haliburton Highlands Land Trust, and Abbey Gardens.

Through her work, Jenna has prepared 4 event kits – one for each season. These kits all focus on teaching the public how to identify different species of plants, trees, and animals that live and grow in Haliburton. The events have been designed to be interactive as well as informative, turning attendees into researchers, or detectives, as in the case of the animal tracking event!

By participating in these events, the hope is that Haliburton community members will feel more connected to the environment that surrounds them. This outcome will contribute to Haliburton Highlands Land Trust and Abbey Gardens’s ongoing work on conservation and sustainable development.

So if you’re a Haliburton community member looking to learn more about your community, or an environmentalist looking to build your own event kit, we welcome you to browse through these kits. Open them by clicking on the images below!

Fall Event: Tree Identification

Title page of a report on identifying different tree species.

Winter Event: Tracks and Signs

Title page of a report on identifying animal prints and scat in Haliburton.

Spring Event: Spring Ephemerals

Title page of a report on identifying different spring flowers in Haliburton.

Summer Event: Salamanders

Title page of a report on identifying salamanders in Haliburton.