by Biatris Lasu, CFICE Volunteer

The national charitable organization Meal Exchange, perhaps known for its seminal report Hungry for Knowledge will be hosting its National Student Food Summit this year at the University of Guelph, in Guelph, Ontario from June 22 to June 25th.

The Meal Exchange’s National Student Food Summit is Canada’s largest student food leadership retreat. Students from 40 campuses across Canada will come together to share experience, strategize with other students, connect with experts, and work with the Meal Exchange network to build more just and sustainable food systems on their campuses.

The Summit features training on Meal Exchange programs and tools, and discussion with faculty members, food service providers, and civil society leaders in the food movement. The summit also brings food researchers, farmers, indigenous leaders, business, community groups, policy makers and others to share insights from the food systems field.

The Summit is an important event for many young students and leaders in the national food movement. While universities are an ideal leverage point for addressing food security and sustainability challenges, often students lack the necessary resources, mentorship or connections to help them with achieving their food security goals. Leadership retreats like the National Student Food Summits offer students the necessary tools and resources by connecting them with their peers and other stakeholders in the food movement.

By the end of the four-day event, students will gain knowledge on food challenges and solutions and will be given the opportunity to join a national movement of students to create a more sustainable and just food system.