A new case study on the work of the University of Winnipeg Community Renewal Corporation shows how post-secondary educational institutions can build green, social real estate projects, including affordable housing, and incubate scaled social enterprises—all in partnership with community organizations.

This report summarizes the experience, models and tools, results, challenges, lessons and prospects of the University of Winnipeg Community Renewal Corporation (UWCRC). Established by the University of Winnipeg’s Board of Regents in 2005 as a special-purpose entity to implement the University’s growth and sustainability plan, UWCRC is a separately incorporated non-profit, charitable corporation with its own Board of Directors (eight members from the University of Winnipeg (UW) and eight from the broader community) and staff.

Commissioned jointly by the McConnell Foundation and UWCRC, and authored by Edward Jackson, the report has been cited in popular and professional articles on municipal governance, community-university engagement and social finance. To download the Summary Report, click here. To access the Full Report, click here.