Original article posted February 7 by Food Secure Canada

Food Secure Canada's logo of an apple in three pieces.Food Secure Canada, in collaboration with a pan-Canadian network of researchers and community partners with expertise in Northern food security and sustainable food systems, is undertaking a study to synthesize research and knowledge on the state of food systems and food security in the North and identify concrete policy and program recommendations to work towards vibrant, resilient and sustainable food system and food security in the North. Through this study we plan to:

  • Review and synthesize academic and community-based research on Northern food systems
  • Map key food system assets and infrastructure in the North
    Generate policy and program recommendations
  • Produce an economic impact analysis of the current Northern food system and proposed policy and program recommendations.

Stay tuned for ways to get involved and contribute to the research!

A public report and food system inventory will be posted to Food Secure Canada’s website following completion of the study, expected in late April/early May.

The study is funded by the Department of Indigenous Affairs and Northern Development in response to a Call for Proposals.

For more information contact Amanda at community@foodsecurecanada.org.

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