CFICE Community-Campus Engagement Brokering (Food Sovereignty) working group member Charles Levkoe, and CFICE partners Colin Anderson and Josh Brem-Wilson have recently published the article, People, power, change: three pillars of a food sovereignty research praxis.

This article shares some of the knowledge gained in Phase I of CFICE through on-the-ground research projects in the food sector. Check out the abstract below, or read the full article.


This article is situated within nascent debates on the role of academics within food sovereignty movements. Drawing on insights from a collective autoethnography, we report on our experiences conducting three food sovereignty research projects in different contexts and at different scales. We suggest that that the principles and practices of food sovereignty translate into a food sovereignty research praxis. This consists of three pillars focusing on people (humanizing research relationships), power (equalizing power relations) and change (pursuing transformative orientations). This article discusses these pillars and analyzes the extent to which we were able to embody them within our projects.