Photo of Amanda Wilson

Amanda Wilson

Community Co-lead, CCE Brokering (FS) Working Group

Amanda Wilson is the academic co-lead for the Community Academic Collaborative for Food Sovereignty table of the Community-Campus Engagement Brokering Working Group.

Amanda coordinates the New Farmer Initiative with Food Secure Canada and teaches Sociology at Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. With a background in Global Development Studies and Labour Studies, she recently completed her PhD in Sociology with a Specialization in Political Economy at Carleton University. Her thesis focused on alternative food networks and how small-scale organic farmers both cope and prefigure: the challenges and opportunities farmers face in pursing social and environmental values while earning a living.

She has worked with several NGOs in research, project management and community outreach, and is a passionate organizer for transformative social change in her community. She first became involved in food systems work through five years co-managing an organic farm.

Areas of Interest: partnership brokerage, new farmers, alternative food networks, food justice